Monika Shine, like many women, has a full-on life. Two children, a commitment to staying in shape and a business to run, Monika is focused, driven… READ MORE

Located centrally in Birmingham and dominating the city skyline is the Hyatt Regency Birmingham, a hotel that showcases a stunning, contemporary… READ MORE

Edgbaston Stadium is one of the UK’s leading sporting venues which features an array of versatile, modern and luxurious suites that are suitable… READ MORE

Roaring engines were heard across the rolling hills of Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire on the weekend of 8-9 July for one… READ MORE

How Checkatrade are helping thousands of people through their charity work 

When a freak tornado tore its way through the small town of Selsey,… READ MORE

The right choice for the future…

Protecting our homes and families is, for most of us, a given. We instinctively want the best for those we love… READ MORE

Whether you like them with chips, with a Yorkshire pudding, drowning in gravy or tucked in a bap, call them bangers or wieners – sausages are a… READ MORE

The warmest months of the year are upon us once again, and so it’s time to get out and about and enjoy some gastronomical delights.


Some bad days start on the way in to the office – heavy traffic, roadworks and congestion can make commuting times much longer and, according to… READ MORE

When we think of the world of investment banking and wealth management, traditionally we would have conjured up the image of a city gent operating… READ MORE

Giving guests the chance to experience the sleek drive the Bentley Bentayga SUV delivers, Bentley Birmingham invited esteemed guests for an… READ MORE

On 6 May, Japanese sushi bar, OKO, marked the opening of its new restaurant with a fantastic launch party. The new restaurant is located on the… READ MORE

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