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Re-shape, re-sculpt and re-define what

you know about fat loss with CoolSculpting® 


When it comes to looking and feeling great we all know that eating the right foods and getting active will leave us fitter, trimmer and healthier. 

However, there are times when despite our best efforts, stubborn areas of fat remain, spoiling the silhouette we are trying to achieve. 

Thankfully, there is a non-invasive solution that can help people achieve their body goals and is available from leading dental and aesthetics practice - Highfield Dental Clinic, based in Edgbaston. 

In partnership with Yugen, Highfield’s Dr Assadi and Dr Holloran offer a full range of medical and aesthetic services which complement the wide range of services already offered at the clinic. 

Along with smile and facial rejuvenation treatments, including fillers and botox, the increasingly popular, body sculpting treatment, CoolSculpting® is now also available.

A non-invasive and safe procedure, CoolSculpting® delivers outstanding results in just a matter of weeks. While the impressive results - which include a smoother, sleeker silhouette - are enough to recommend CoolSculpting® to those looking to lose inches around those stubborn areas, the treatment offers other benefits too. Popular around the world, CoolSculpting® involves no needles, creates minimal discomfort, requires no anaesthetic and no downtime following treatment, unlike other sculpting procedures such as liposuction. 

Designed to permanently remove those stubborn areas of ‘pinchable fat’, CoolSculpting® technology is born of 17 years of research and development, with over 1.5 million patients worldwide reporting that they are happy with the results of their treatment. 

Developed by Harvard University scientists, the science behind CoolSculpting® is based around the idea of freezing pockets of fat cells which can then be broken down and eliminated naturally from the body. 

So, what can clients expect from a CoolSculpting® appointment?  Following an initial screening process, cooling plates are gently applied to the desired area which set to work removing heat from the fat cells, effectively freezing the fat, causing the fat cells to die.  

CoolSculpting® practitioner at Highfield’s, Dr Holloran, who is both a GP and aesthetician, is clear on the benefits this revolutionary procedure offers: “Over the years, I have met many patients who have been disappointed with the results from traditional and Vaser liposuction procedures.” 

She continued: “In many cases patients suffered from pain, bruising, swelling, leakage and bleeding at the suction sites, resulting in infection, immobility, time off work and in some cases, a persistent lumpy contour – with CoolSculpting® clients can get permanent fat reduction without these kinds of complications and side effects.”

“With CoolSculpting®” concluded Dr Holloran, “clients can re-sculpt their body, targeting those troublesome areas including inner thighs, stomach and waist, to achieve the shape they have always wanted; giving them the body confidence they deserve.”

Coolsculpting Results
Coolsculpting Results

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