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Influencer Champions

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of Influencer Champions – an agency created to bring brands, bloggers and social media influencers together. 

10 years ago, the word influencer perhaps best described film stars, entertainers and sporting celebrities who were respected and admired by the public. This respect and admiration led to increased interest in the clothes, cars, jewellery, holidays and the like, that these individuals consumed. 

Over the last decade the explosion of social media has generated a new and extremely powerful group that are able to create brands over night with the stroke of their keyboard.


For the brand

In the digital age we live in, your brand needs to reach the right people in the right places. We will pair you with influencers who can help place your product, service or campaign at the forefront of

your industry.   

Increasingly brands are turning to influencers and using this new marketing strategy. World-recognised influencers including the likes of Zoella, Joe Wicks and Bethany Mota are now the ‘golden tickets’ in advertising. Give your brand the influencer factor today.


For the influencer

Similarly, if you are an influencer wanting to work with the country’s leading brands, then contact Influencer Champions. We will proactively deliver brand partnerships that are perfectly suited to you and your online audience.


The world of influencers is rapidly changing so, whether you’re a brand or an influencer looking to make the perfect partnership, make sure you contact Amelia and her team.

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