Heat Holders - The Man Behind The Brand

Heat Holders The Man Behind The Brand



A British born brand making it big around the world? Here at Aspirational we  had to investigate, read  on to find out more about Heat Holders, a brand  going global…

It sounds like the start to  a Hollywood blockbuster – out of work man uses the last of his savings to start his own business from his garage. Yet, in the case of British entrepreneur, David Doughty, this is no Hollywood script – it is his life!

26 years later, after manufacturing, importing, designing and innovating socks and partnering with the Ruia Group, the owners of Sock Shop, David was standing on the touchline watching his 13 year old son playing rugby. It was a Saturday afternoon in January, it was sleeting and extremely cold and David realised that despite wearing a pair of his own imported thermal socks that his feet were freezing.

David James

David had a moment of inspiration, with the so-called thermal socks he was wearing offering little protection against the biting cold he was going to change things and make a thermal sock that really did keep your feet warm no matter how low the temperature dipped.

David knew that the secret to insulation was to trap as much air as possible in the loops that form a thermal sock, therefore a device had to be invented to create the long loop that is now synonymous with Heat Holders.

Taking his idea from the drawing board to the marketplace wasn’t easy and took years of hard work, re-design and commitment, eventually coming up with an element that forms the long loop in a Heat Holders sock, which is now patented.

David explains “Our technology has revolutionised the global thermal socks market and while many others try to imitate them, there is only one Heat Holders!”

Another inspirational moment came when David’s eldest son Shane, who has worked with him in the sock business for over 20 years, suggested that Heat Holders socks should be tog tested and this would give a measure of their warmth compared to other thermal socks. This led to Heat Holders receiving a tog measurement of 2.34. David and Shane have tested many other thermal socks and have not found any that come close to Heat Holders 2.34 tog rating.

This is due to the patented element that forms the long loop inside Heat Holders socks.

Produced in a 3 stage manufacturing process Heat Holders aren’t just about warmth as David explains “Our priority has always been to create products that really do keep people warm, but we also understand that they need to more than that, they have to look great and feel comfortable to wear too!”

Using high quality materials Heat Holders products are able to achieve a super-soft feel making them extremely comfortable to wear and with a range of colours, designs and patterns available there is a Heat Holder for everyone.

“The difference” said inventor David Doughty “is when we say our products are thermal – we mean it! Our socks offer a TOG rating of 2.34 which so far has not been matched.” In fact Heat Holders not only beat thermal socks but heavy duty walking socks for warmth too making them Seven times warmer than normal socks.

From the humble beginnings of a garage, David gave birth to a global brand and now Heat Holders are sold under the Sock Shop brand and distributed around the world.

With sales of some 5 million pairs every year Heat Holders  is a thriving business and from socks the brand has expanded into gloves, hats, neck-warmers, thermal underwear and even blankets all produced with the same high standards of manufacturing and high quality materials.

“Part of the success of Heat Holders” explained David “is that our customers know that they can trust our products and  our tog rating to keep them warm and snug but not restricted, important factors in everyday life.”

Sold in leading High Street stores, including Debenhams, Next, Matalan and Go Outdoors, Heat Holders continue to go from strength to strength breaking into new markets and launching new products including thermal tights and leggings.

“For many people,” explained David, “being cold isn’t just uncomfortable it can cause health issues too, especially in the elderly or those already dealing with illness. 

Of course Heat Holders aren’t just for those for whom getting cold could be problematic. Our products are used by people from around the world, from  a wide range of backgrounds, from farmers to dog walkers, skiers to brick-layers Heat Holders are trusted to keep people warm so they can worry less about the weather and get on with the task at hand.”

Going from selling 1 million pairs in 2011 to now over 5 million pairs a year globally the success of the brand is the culmination of David’s life’s work and his 47 years in the textile industry. “Seeing how much people love our products and how much they can change people’s daily lives, helping them to work for longer in the cold or not feel the pain many associate with cold weather, is so rewarding and makes me  very proud to be part of the Heat Holders story.”

As winter draws close keep toasty warm with the exciting range of Heat Holders products including their wide range of revolutionary thermal socks. Visit WWW.HEATHOLDERS.CO.UK to place your order.